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Algorand [ALGO] Soars With 137% Increase in TVL, 12% Weekly Gains

• Algorand’s Total Value Locked (TVL) increased by 137% in the last seven days, bringing it to within 18% of the previous all-time high. • The total number of addresses on the network also increased in the last seven days, indicating a higher number of users. • Algorand’s price registered over 12% weekly gains, and […]

Uniswap Poised to Overtake Coinbase in Trading Volume by 2023

• Bitwise predicts that Uniswap will overtake Coinbase in trading volume in Q3 of 2023. • Uniswap has seen an increase in unique users and fees generated, however the pool value and active users have fallen. • Data from various analytics platforms supports this prediction as Uniswap has taken up 65.7% of the market share […]

Optimism Grows in Layer 2 Solutions, Flipping Polygon’s Dominance

• Optimism is showing growth in its ERC-20 transactions, potentially flipping Polygon’s dominance in the Layer 2 space. • Despite the growth in transactions, Polygon still has the majority market share of the Layer 2 solutions. • Users opting for Optimism have seen a decrease in Ethereum saved, which could impact the number of users […]

Bitcoin [BTC] Whales Intensify Accumulation, Sparking Bullish Sentiment

• Bitcoin [BTC] whales have intensified their accumulation over the past eight weeks, leading to a 26% growth in its price. • Open Interest and Funding Rates revealed that investors harbored bullish sentiments. • The count of BTC whales holding 100 – 1,000 BTCs rallied by over 3% in the last two months. In the […]

SHIB Bulls Face Strong Opposition at $0.00000855: Pullback Possible?

• Shiba Inu [SHIB] began the new year on a high note, rallying from $0.00000792 to $0.00000880. • Bulls faced strong opposition from sellers when SHIB hit the bearish order of $0.00000855 on the three-hour chart. • If the obstacle persists, SHIB could face another pullback to $0.00000822 in the next day or two. Shiba […]

Binance Joins ACSS, Aims for Regulatory Compliance and Security

Bulletpoints • Binance recently became a member of the Association of Certified Sanctions Specialists (ACSS) after the FUD surrounding BNB due to the FTX collapse and SEC inquisitions. • The purpose of the ACSS training is to educate the staff working for the exchange on the guidelines provided by the Office of Foreign Assets Control […]

Berichten zufolge versucht AT & T, DirecTV nach massiven Kundenverlusten zu verkaufen

Laut Berichten könnte der Verkauf DirecTV mit weit weniger als 49 Mrd. USD bewerten, die AT & T im Jahr 2015 gezahlt hat. Berichten zufolge versucht AT & T, DirecTV nur fünf Jahre nach dem Kauf des Satellitenanbieters an Private-Equity-Investoren zu verkaufen Die Verhandlungen mit potenziellen Käufern finden statt, nachdem Millionen von Kunden Onlinebetrug in […]

It’s not too late for some victims of the Twitter scam to get their money back

There are still 14 victims of the massive Twitter hack who could still get their Bitcoin back. These victims sent some Bitcoin to a hacker address, but their transactions are not yet confirmed on the Bitcoin network. They are currently hanging in limbo, or the Bitcoin mempool. These transactions seem not to be confirmed after […]

Binance.US launches OTC trading platform

Binance’s U.S. branch has launched an over-the-counter portal for transactions worth $10,000 or more, according to an official announcement on Monday. OTC desk and Binance.US requirements OTC trades are negotiated directly between the buyer and seller and do not appear on the exchange’s public order books, the The News Spy – Bitcoin Profit – Bitcoin […]