Bitcoin Ordinals: Is the Hype Over? 2min Read

• Bitcoin Ordinals, a popular NFT collection, has seen a sharp decline in trading volume and sales count since May.
• The total NFT market capitalization has dropped by 38% since February 20.
• This overall market decline in NFTs has raised concerns about the future of NFTs on the Bitcoin Network.

Decline in Trading Volume for Bitcoin Ordinals

The trading volume and sales count of the Bitcoin Ordinals digital asset collection have plummeted significantly since May, according to a new report by DappRadar. The collection’s peak trading volume was recorded at $452 million and 832,648 transactions in May; however, there has been a 76.5% drop in sales volume and 60.3% decrease in transaction count since then. In August 2023, sales had contracted 91.4%, with only $3 million recorded in trade volume and 88.1% drop in transactions count to just 20,571 transactions – indicating an evaporation of trading interest for the crypto asset collection.

Overall Market Decline Affecting NFTs

The fluctuations in Bitcoin Ordinals‘ monthly sales volume mirror the waning interest in the general NFT market over the past few months. According to data provider NFTGo , total NFT market capitalization has dropped by 38%, from $9 billion on February 20 to $5.6 billion currently – raising concerns about the future of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Bitcoin network.

Impact on Future of Non-Fungible Tokens

The persistent decrease in transaction volume and sales count across both individual collections such as Bitcoin Ordinals as well as the general NFT market have raised worries about its future prospects on different blockchain networks such as Ethereum or Cardano . Despite this downturn, some experts remain optimistic that new innovations will emerge soon to drive renewed adoption among investors looking to diversify their portfolios with digital assets like artworks or gaming items represented by non-fungible tokens .

Opportunities for Growth

As blockchain technology continues to mature and more users explore ways to leverage tokens for various use cases beyond digital art collections or gaming items , there is still potential for growth within this space over time . Furthermore , with increasing awareness around cryptocurrencies , more people may look towards investing their money into digital assets like non-fungible tokens which could lead to an increase in demand for these types of products .


While short term declines are possible amidst fluctuating markets , it is too early yet to bid farewell entirely to Bitcoin Ordinals or any other type of tokenized asset . With advancements being made within blockchain technology and continued support from investors , there is still hope that non-fungible tokens may continue growing over time despite any short term setbacks .